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radioHere are some notes about the homebrewed equipment that I have made and used over the years. It has all been constructed using the well known KISS approach, Keep It Simple and Stupid. No bells and whistles here, essential features only.
I make no great claims for any of it, (some pictures click to enlarge, if you do you will see why I make no claims) other than to say that building it and using it on the air has given me the opportunity to occasionally work some DX, and no small degree of amazement that it has worked at all!radio
I hope that in a small way, this website might encourage more home construction, something that can only be good for the hobby of Amateur Radio. After all, if I can do it, so can you, and very likely with better results!

The old 2  metre rig has had a revamp

The old two metre rig has had a revamp!

The DXZone.com

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Who am I? My name is David Kearns I was licenced in 1979 as G8TTI which was then a UK class B licence i.e. bands above 144MHz only. I live near Chippenham in Wiltshire England. I only know about radio what I’ve picked up as I’ve gone along. Work and Where I live

Youtube videos

Doppler shift to GB3USK

Converted cheap radio


  1. Mike Gladders 2E0GLA says:

    How do you modify the Superdrug radio to do what you have done?


  2. david says:

    Hi Mike,
    There’s some info in the comments if you view the video on YouTube